June 19, 2019

Colleague: Brett used to read these European history books.
Me: Like The GThe Bad Popes.
Colleague: Yeah, The Bad Popes.
Me: I almost said, “The Gay Popes.”


May 18, 2013

Me: What category should that go under? “Animals” and “Romance”?
Wife: “John Huss and Oliver Tambo.”
Me: “Robots” it is.


January 9, 2013

Wife: You have too many things labeled “Romance” already.
Me: There are, like, twelve posts under “Romance.” It’s probably the least used category, except for “John Huss and Oliver Tambo.”


July 2, 2009

Me: I don’t know. I think educated people should know who John Huss was.
Wife: Well, you can help them.
Me: Really, I also think that educated people should know who Oliver Tambo is, but I accept that they don’t.
Wife: “Blargarrrrrrah.” That’s all I hear when you get into your pseudo-intellectual stuff.
Me: I am not a pseudo-intellectual. I am an actual intellectual.
Wife: [long raspberry]


June 30, 2009

Me: Like my father says I’m an “Oliver Tambo fan,” he’s kind of a John
Huss fan.
Wife: Oh.
Me: It’s a cruel twist of fate that he’s not one of the pivotal figures of world history. Now there’s a guy who was literally ahead of his time.
Wife: “Literally” ahead of his time?
Me: Yeah, “literally.”
Wife: You mean like he was out of phase?
Me: Exactly—like the Re’tu.
Wife: That would explain why nobody’s heard of him then.