November 30, 2011

Brother: My friend recorded our entire trip in a haunted house. It was mostly my other friend screaming.



November 29, 2011

Brother: “Bear check”—it sounds like the ultimate modern American story.
Me: You make it sound like The Great Gatsby.


November 28, 2011

Cousin: You’d have to have two people inside the bear!
Brother [laughing]: It’s true!


November 27, 2011

Me: Unless you’re into freaky cheeses, “with ash” on a cheese ought to be a clue that you don’t want to drink it.
Cousin: You said “drink.”
Brother: You should do a few shots of cheese in the morning.


November 26, 2011

Brother: Shall we all play pool?
Me: Oh, God.
Other Brother: You can just stand there and be our stenographer


November 25, 2011

Me: That’s why they make women tough—to make them able to withstand pregnancy.
Wife: I thought it was so that no one would try to make us into jerky.


November 24, 2011

Wife: I want to put a tow hitch on the minivan, now that I’ve got something…
Brother-in-Law: What do you want to tow?
Me: Oh, she doesn’t want to tow anything. She just wants somewhere to hang the truck nuts.


November 23, 2011

Me: She’s an unconventional conformist.
Wife [sighing]: I’m a hipster.
Four-Year-Old: She’s not a hamster!


November 22, 2011

Four-Year-Old: Christmas trees do not have hands.
Seven-Year-Old: No, they don’t.
Four-Year-Old: And they don’t belong on boats. They belong on Christmas.


November 21, 2011

Wife: Where’s [two-year-old son of friend]?
Different Friend’s Daughter: His auntie took him away to play. I feel like his auntie is replacing me while I eat.