June 21, 2013

Me: I think the Elsie and Elmer soap opera stuff disappeared by the late fifties, if not earlier.
Wife: Elsie had twins.
Me: I mean, the, “Your mother is here? Well, I’m gonna’ get my shotgun and shoot somebody,” stories didn’t last that long.
Wife: Just so you know, those were different ads.
Me: I know.
Wife: And, to be fair to him, Elmer was going to shoot people who were running a black market during rationing.
Me: Beef rationing! Damn those…
Wife: Elmer is a gun-toting rage maniac, but he is, like chaotic good.
Me: Chaotic good?
Wife: Chaotic good.
Me: He eats hamburgers.
Wife: Chaotic.
Me: Chaotic neutral, at best.

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